Building design completely depends on designers artistic thought, how he has been sketched the whole building plan with interior and exterior by his mindset outline it’s really a very important thing. If you notice that structural design types are frequently changed day by day, a huge technological growth is the responsible for this changing issue. A landowner or house owner can easily predict and see their expected home through using 3d video, blueprint, software, actually, it is an image based procedure so that entire project imagination can give a crystal clear idea.

Bangladesh Building Design
The construction process is starting with some specific plan, some are the business purpose, some are the residential purpose and other is the commercial type. Bangladesh building plan to always consider some factors for the commercial purpose, those are-

• Functionality
• Sustainability
• Safety and security
• Productivity
• Cost effectiveness

Some considerable factors for residential planning:
• Customer requirements
• Quality assurance
• Strongness
• Artistic design based on clients needs
• Wide range space
• Huge air passing facility
• Green plantation arrangement
• Proper ventilation system
• Accurate measurement of water, electricity and gas line
• Protection
• Cabinet punch system
• Efficient energy lighting arrangement
• Equipment installation in right place

Some considerable factors for business space:
• An approximate idea about number of employees
• Essential common space for public access
• Employee breathing space for free movement
• Proper space for keeping furniture, instrument
• Advanced technology
• Storage room capacity
• The safety purpose outlook design is so strong, secured from any outside crime
• Fire resists materials

Bangladesh building design association always works in variety ways for improvement of a healthy environment. Good environment means it may be working atmosphere, living location and business surroundings that depend on the total interior, exterior, and whole structural design which create people’s mind to do something in a motivated way. Just look at building with wonderful exterior, with bright artistic interior, with huge amount green plantation, with widespread area, central heating & cooling temperature, appropriate auditory system, sufficient basic infrastructure supply (water, gas, electricity), separate operational spot, adequate lighting must stand a perfect complete house where people think, stay, do and feel just like a heaven.