Company Profile Of Evangel Architect & Interior

Evangel architect and interior is a full service interior design firm with a furniture manufacturing back line that ensures diverse kind of product for all types of interior design need. We will try to give your preference the utmost importance. At Evangel architect and interior we know “Interior designing” as creative as it appears also required to be functional. We try to understand your need, your passion, your practical purpose and your budget. We believe in rendering client and pursuing a long-term relationship so our designs are sustainable and flexible with changing need. So while we thrive for finding the most aesthetic interior and exterior design that is best suited for you we do not lose focus on meeting it within deadline and budget.

Home interior decoration

Home interior decoration

Home interior decoration

The difference between office and home decor lies in the ambiance of the space. Whereas office needs to be eye catching and attractive, home should be an artistic reflection of the people who reside in. We have dedicated home interior designer unit, who can provide different solutions based on home size, pattern, theme and sustainability. Whether yours is a 1000 sqft apartment or a multi-storied big palatial residence we know how to make it feel warm, welcoming, comfortable and memorable.

At Evangel architect and interior we have our manufacturing line to provide suitable home furniture ranging from wall paneling, false ceiling, and multipurpose display cabinet to all furniture for living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining space. We provide imported wooden floor, tiles as per interior decoration need. Our home interior solution adapts world trend and changing styles but we never forget to add a homely touch that makes each house a home.

Space Planning and Interior Design

Space Planning Crescent Shoes | Jamuna Future Park

Space Planning Crescent Shoes Showroom | Jamuna Future Park

A very important aspect t of our firm is space planning and interior design inside a commercial place. It targets on innovative idea for storage management, file management, sitting arrangement. All to be aligned in a way that maximizes utilization of the place and leaves a space to breath as well. At Evangel architect and interior our creative team strives to balance the commercial value and artistic need in a way that also ensures a functional working environment. For this purpose we have a vast range of Office furniture (ranging from false ceiling, workstation, leather/fabric sofa, computer table, chair etc.) and we provide any customized furniture as per unique need and budget.

Workplace |Office| University Interior decoration

Dacca Dyeing Office Interior

   Dacca Dyeing Office Interior

Workplace has to be functional and friendly. With different industrial function, office’s interior decoration theme and need varies significantly. At Evangel architect and interior, we make welcome station, work for- corporate offices, and meeting room to university dean’s office or departmental waiting lodge. Out creative team first acquire an understanding of the objective, culture and kind or works that are to be daily performed in an office/warehouse/university. Based on these a blueprint is created and after all the meetings and visits with the client we finalize a plan that we deliver within the stipulated time and budget. We have all kind of furniture that can answer to the business need for workplace decoration or refurbishment. Our client list includes Warid telecom, Shanta Properties, Wartsilla Bangladesh, and the City Bank, Transcom beverage, East West University and many more.

Furniture modeling, supply and procurement

At Evangel architect and interior our furniture designers, work on contemporary design and world trends. For every assignment our designers work with our client to acquire specific choice, requirement, budget and specification. We offer furniture for every range of prices from affordable to high-end. Apart from our own design, we also import furniture and other wooden panels from renowned Thai and Chinese merchandiser.

Hospitality and Recreation

Hospital Lobby Interior

   Hospital Lobby Interior

At Evangel architect and interior, we have an acute skillful team who work for designs of hospital and recreational centers like restaurant, resort, community center etc. Designing of recreational center is crucial. In design of interior and exterior of Hospital or recreational center, we try to fulfills client’s requirement while deliver a project that soothes visitors eye and attracts both professional and non professional designer’s interest. We provide a comprehensive package that include civil, electrical and every aspect of interior and exterior design. Some of our valued clients are Dhanmondi Club, China Town (Bhuiya group), and Heritage resort.

Renovation, Restructure or move management

Whether it’s a one person’s move to a big corporate office’s organizational restructure; a single office to multi location reshuffling; we realize it is a big commitment and an important decision. It involves many unwanted and unknown problems. At Evangel architect and interior, we diagnose those possibilities ahead of movement and make a plan that ensures such encumbrance do not hamper the functionality of the work place. Apart from introducing our innovative design we put effort on undoing the error that was present in previous place as well as redoing the positive things client preferred from earlier office.

The way we work

Knowing the need

Our creative team talks to the client about the details of the project and deadline. We research on client’s current office/home and focus on providing a better solution that will optimize client’s purpose.

Budget and space management

Once we understand what client wants we make a three dimensional model. At this stage client can see the 2nd plan to come to life. Many confusions are resolved from both party’s side. As client approve the design now we focus on the material to be used and the furniture to be planted. This involves range of choices among which we choose the one that conform to client’s budget and functionality.

Monitoring and development

While we work we invite client’s close supervision and suggestions. Because we understand change in plan is part and parcel of creative designing. Alternatively there are clients who prefer leaving the charge to ourselves and prefer not to be bothered. We understand every kind of preference and work with client’s preference and feasibility in mind. We have our Civil engineer team, Best Architect team in Bangladesh, Site supervisors, Project manager, mechanical and electrical engineer team to take the control and translate the design to reality.

Buying, making or acquiring the furniture and other interior decoration supplies

We have a 10+ year of experience in furniture manufacturing and importing. We procure furniture only from companies that follows highest standard and comply with our stringent ethical and eco friendly policy. As we believe in sustainability and eco friendly design we mostly use MDF boards (made from byproduct of wood and have most qualities of wood) for furniture. To give it a wood finish and high end look we use laminates, lacquer options, vinyle polish. Some time teak and oak veneered boards are also used with natural polish and paint finish.

Work Flow Chart Of Evangel Architect & Interior:

work flow chart Evangel

Delivery and handover

We understand the value of deadline and post occupancy support. While we handover the project this two things are given most importance. Our supervisor and project management team keeps giving all type of structural and maintenance support through the process of shifting. And we always welcome our client for future changes or preservation query or support. Our aim is to render our clients and achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Some of the Major clients of Evangel Architect & Interior:

Name of the major clients:

  • Warid Telecom International ( Airtel) All Over Bangladesh 32 District.
  • Wartsilla Bangladesh Ltd. Banani.
  • Dhaka Cantonment, 10 Signal and 11 Signal.
  • Consumer Testing Laboratories. (Renovation) Tejgaon
  • The City Bank Ltd. SME Jamalpur
  • Transcom Beverages Ltd. (Pepsi), Mohakhali.
  • The ACME Laboratories Ltd. Shamoly
  • Office & Home Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. Mohakhali & Badda
  • Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. Gulshan-1
  • East West University. Mohakhali
  • Palmal Group. Gulshan-1
  • STS Group- STS School, Mirpur & Uttara
  • Transcom Electronics Limited (Philips).Gulshan
  • Nitol Group. Mohakhali.
  • Rangs Industries Limited (Mitsubishi Motors)
  • United Group. Gulshan-1
  • Unifill group, New DOHS, Mohakhali.
  • N & I group, Baridhara, DOHS
  • Opex Group (Opex Sinha), Mohakhali, Kachpur & Mirpur -13
  • Amcee Group, Uttara, Studio Apartment Hotel.
  • Cats Eye Ltd. Elephant Road, Gulshan-2
  • Exium Group, Mirpur, Pallibi.
  • Continental Group, Motijheel.
  • Shanta Properties ltd. Safura Tower, Banani.
  • S.P. Hospital, Shamoly.
  • Land Mark Development, Adabar Shamoly.
  • Green land Developer’s, Polton.
  • Squrefeet Housing, Mirpur DOHS
  • Asset Development, Gulshan-2
  • Sonali Bank Ltd, Staff College, Uttara
  • Dhaka Dying, Mohakhali, DOHS.
  • Bangla Cat (Banglatrac Communication Ltd.)Banani & mohakhali.
  • Cemicon Pvt Ltd, Mohakhali DOHS.
  • Norpknit Industries Ltd, Baridhara & Nawjur,Ashulia, Savar
  • Rahimafroze, Gulshan-1 & Tejgaon.
  • Britania Properties Ltd. Gulshan-2 & Baridhara.
  • Obonti Colortex, Baridhara DOHS & Narayangong.
  • Globe Pharmaceutical ltd. Noakhali & Gulshan-2
  • Eastern Atlas Securities ltd. Baridhara
  • Hotel Center Point, Gulshan-2
  • K.T. International ltd, Banani. Japanese Company
  • Anwar Landmark, Motijheel.
  • Augere call Centre
  • BD Finance, gulshan-2
  • Business Hotel Agrabad, Chittagong.
  • Cassiopeia Fashion
  • G-Star Raw
  • ICB, Motijheel.
  • Irving Properties, Gulshan.
  • Qubee
  • South Breeze, Gulshan.
  • Zone-18
  • Prime Bank SME, Jamalpur.
  • Meghna Group, Gulshan-2
  • Mela Rupayan Golden Age, Gulshan-2
  • Reckitt- Gulshan-1
  • Jubok Phone-Tejgaon.
  • AB BanK, Sylhet.
  • Jennys Shoes, Feat Fair Shoes, Unisoft Shoes & Crescent Shoes at Jamuna Future Park.
  • Resort Project Name : Heritage resort,Madhabdi,Narsingdi,Clint : Bhuyan Group
  • Party Center + Chinese Restuarent Name : Bodhu Saj Community Center,China Town.Area : 8000sft.Location Madhabdi,Narshingdi,Client : Bhuyan Group.
  • Recreation and community club. Name : Dhanmondi Club. Location : Top Floor, Metroshopping Mall.Area : 12000sft. Jointly done by Arch. Shahidul Hasan Azad.
  • And Many more Apartment, Show Room Interior Decoration & Renovation works.

We consider in being innovative, distinct and handy. Being true to our brand of design, we aim to provide the best through the vision of our clients. Professionalism and honesty is top on our list. Collaborating well requires good communication and engagement that will in turn build a strong working relationship with our clients. Our mission is to help our clients realize their concept and branding in the best way possible, offering customized solutions to fit every situation. We assist to build upon a client’s brand values, positioning, target market and put them into practical use, offering a space that will connect with people, creating dream spaces for work, life and play.

As a company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to develop and sharpen their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness. The final design ensures a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly a functional space for our clients. We recognize that the most important element in our designs is the people who use them in the end and that are the main principle company profile of Evangel Interior & Architect. Whether yours is a modest family home or an impressive land, a small business office or a grand resort, Evangel interior is able to take on any size project and implement a beautiful design transformation. Our team will design the interior environment you desire, utilizing fine-tuned vision and proven trustworthy business practices. With over 10 years of experience in the design industry, our company maintains close relationships with top quality suppliers, fine artisans, and the most skilled sub-contractors. Our design experience and knowledge make the entire Evangel Interior Design team invaluable to our clients.


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