It is a basic need for every foosball table lover to learn, how to maintain a foosball table. If you purchase a foosball table without knowing how to maintain it, then your all investment will go in vain. For getting long time service, you must have kept your table dust free after and before playing.

How to Maintain a Foosball Table

Don’t expose the Foosball to the weather:
It is not so essential fact that where are gaming with your foosball table- indoor or outdoor. If you want to play your foosball table for a long time, don’t ever leave it to uncover full day or night. If you do, your table might be damaged by sun, heat, wet, dirt etc.

Cleaning a Wooden Soccer Table:
A foosball table can provide you fast-paced capability and make your investment fruitful for a lifetime if you take good care of your table. It is so obvious that you had to clean up your foosball table to play today or tomorrow. Better you should maintain a regular routine to keep your table active like earlier. You would need some cleaning items such as 70-90% rubbing alcohol, silicone, wood polish, gloves, white vinegar, plastic scraper as a scrubber, soft clothes or towels.

Cleaning Tabletop Procedure:
There is a cleaning procedure to maintain your foosball table. I have studied a lot to present you every pros and con about how to clean a foosball table. After or before gaming, you should first mop your table with clean clothes or will help you to keep you table dust and dirt free. Then, put some drop of rubbing alcohol and mop it up top to bottom. Don’t worry, it won’t get damaged on your table surface. You could use silicone for your foosball table rods. By following this method, you could maintain your foosball table for sure.

Are you a man of good taste? If you are. Then you will never leave your household thing tidy and well-known fact that polishing can give a new look to any old things. Proper polishing will make your foosball table well-looking and help to long last. Polishing will also help you to get a good price if you are not interested in taking the table anymore.

If you buy a pre-loved foosball table at a cheap rate, then no need to let your neighbor know about. Waxing will help you to give a new look to your foosball table. Sometimes, some foosball table came with unsmooth edges which can get you a major injury. Waxing edge could make your table perfect and assure you a lifetime assurance.

Glue all loose parts:
It may cause damages while playing game insincerely or take a rough shot. Even your kids can crack any parts of your foosball table. Exchange the table or buy a new one is no, it would be best, if you fixed your broken parts using glue. But make sure that you are using the best quality glue. Otherwise, a poor glue could harm your foosball table so badly or make your table inactive for a lifetime.

It is mandatory to know how to maintain a foosball table. Peoples who don’t know how to maintain a foosball table, always get trouble with their table. By taking a good care of one’s table, he or she gets their investment profitable and can enjoy their game for a lifetime.