A family game room is more than a dedicated area for playing indoor games in a house. It is a source of pure entertainment and relaxation. A comfortable game room with modern interior design can free you from stress. And that’s the fundamental characteristic of modern interior decoration. It only prioritizes simplicity, comfort, and needs of people.

There are few things one should consider while designing the interior of a billiard room.

Pool Room Size

Room size is the biggest issue for designing a pool room. Since most pool tables are large (unless you buy a kids pool table), you need an even more significant place to accommodate that. If you opt for an 8 ft. pool table, you will require at least 6 ft. Free space around the table. This will allow you to take shots generously.

Quality Pool Table

Remember billiard table is the hero of your game room. It is not only an entertainment unit but also an expensive piece of furniture. And you will not want to replace the table frequently. Therefore spend on your hero, and buy the right kind for you. Before you make this big decision, take a sneak peek at regulation size pool table sites.


Overhead lighting has an immense effect on pool playing experience. To have a good one, follow pool table lighting rules. The lighting chart will tell you about the right length and distance of the overhead light fixture for a specific size of a table. Alongside it adds value to the room décor. Both vintage and modern lighting fixtures are available in the market.

Wall Painting

Like other rooms wall color matters a lot for a game room. It’s one stand-alone area that can change the game. Color plays a vital role in creating the room environment. If you opt for the modern design, you will have endless options for colors. Though neutral colors are called the safest colors, you can still choose bright and energetic colors. However, that should go with your game room theme. In that case, you will need to take care of other elements in the room to be congruous.


Storage is a huge issue for any game room. You will not want your accessories to remain scattered all over the game room. Instead, design wall cabinets to address storage crisis. If you do not want to remodel your room, then you can opt for pool tables that have space inside for accessories. Some wall mounted, or corner cue racks are also available in the market which you will find handy.

Billiard Room Furniture

You may think of some other furniture to fill up the void. A seating arrangement on one side of the table will be convenient for resting players and visitors. A bookshelf in the corner of the room would be a good idea too. The billiard room furniture should match with a table. The game room can also work as a multi-tasking room serving its primary purpose. Whatever remains there, should not overpower the idea of a game room rather than complement it. Modern furniture and a colorful rug will give your game room a cozy look.