The color is the most important part of the interior design sector. Actual color affects each and every item that you select for your home. Right colors make your home more perfect. Color impact human mind, so your interior designer gives more attention to a color scheme. You can use more color to your interior space. But color should be matched all items for your home. What types of color combination you want to use that depends on your taste and also the creative idea of the interior designer. Your home designer must have in-depth knowledge about the different color. Color may be divided by Active colors such as red, yellow, orange, etc. Passive color green, blue, purple act and neutral color such as white, black, gray, brown, beige, etc. You should know how these colors are influences on your room. If you want a place with full energy use orange color, you want passion use red color, if you want to chill then use blue color. So different color shows different theme.

The importance of color in interior design not only limited in wall paint but it affects on furniture, flooring, and decorative items also. The following gives some latest trend of color in interior design in Bangladesh.

• Blue is a royal color in interior design. Different shades are available that you can choose. Richer and deeper shades of blue add a touch of royal luxury to your home. You can use bold shades blue in wall paint, wall hanging, accessories.

• Light to deep brown and wood color you can use in your kitchen, living space to elegant and warm look in your home.

• Olive green and olive shades are also useful color, especially in the kitchen and dining. The kitchen cabinet could be painted green and dark green could use in tiles. Olive tones can use other accessories in the kitchen.

• Light to deep shades of pink and red color are very attractive for kids room interior decoration. You can use these color in the cushion, wall paint, and other artifacts.

• You can also select a neutral color for the great look to your home. Black and white are the most popular color to give the smooth texture of your home. It provides very excellent color combination if your cushion, bed cover, curtain and wall paint match with one another.

Color is the most creative and innovative part in interior decorating. If the color combination of your home is not perfect, then your interior design may become valueless.