Each job begins with the client, who may be either one person one a large corporation. Since the client is the beginning of any job, in both large and small offices, the relationship to the client is of great importance to the designer. Interior design company Bangladesh is always concerned with the solution of a problem, even if the problem posed to the designer by the client is presented in aesthetic terms only. This is a very important fact to remember. The designer, who considers each job as an opportunity to exercise his creative imagination, without bothering to find out the needs of the client, is not going to perform a valid design service. Contrary to some amusing films or television programs, it is not necessary for the client to be analyzed by his interior designer; however, the needs expressed by clients are indeed frequently imagined rather than real. The first step in a job is, therefore, to find out through interviews and research precisely what the real needs are, what the budget is, and whatever aesthetic preferences, there are on the client’s part which the designer can incorporate into a successful scheme with interior design ideas in Bangladesh.

Many clients come to interior designers with prejudice, or with ideas picked up from popular decorating magazines or from misguided friends, and often a designer must spend a good deal of time reorienting and educating his client. When this does not client are in conflict with the designer’s convictions, the serious professional will usually decline the job rather than compromise his convictions.


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interior design ideas in bangladeshIndividual designers and small offices can rarely handle interior design job in Bangladesh and a large scale; much of their work is therefore in residences, small offices, stores, restaurants and, in general, spaces of limited scope. An individual practitioner performs all the services that will be described in more detail in the following pages devoted to the larger offices; however, usually the number of  drawing for a job, the extent of specifications, and the number of contractors involved, are smaller and are in proportion to the smaller jobs that the normally handles. Some of the best interior designers prefer to work alone or with a very small staff because they like the total involvement and the control of each job, which is not possible in a large organization. Often they enjoy the great variety of work ranging from interviewing clients to the specification of furnishings, from the beginning sketches to the finished working drawing, and supervision of contractors to the selection of the last ashtray.


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The large an office, the more specialization within it. The owner or chief designer in a large office is often forced to become a kind of business executive, and there are quite a few excellent designers who have for that reason given up successful interior design firms in favor of smaller-scale individual work.


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No two jobs and no two designers are ever quite alike. For the purpose of clarification of interior design procedures, we shallinterior design job in bangladesh briefly describe the steps that would be the norm for an individual designer engaged to design offices for a physician. During the interview or interviews, the designer will determine the general and specific needs, including special equipment such as X-ray equipment. He will, in many cases, advise the client on the space under consideration whether it is a new building or an old one. He will make sure that mechanical equipment needed for a physician’s office can be provided, including special plumbing facilities, lead-lined walls for X-ray room, etc. Depending on the number of spaces required (examination room, office, nurses, etc.) the designer will proceed with preliminary plans to make sure that the space under consideration can accommodate all of his client’s needs.


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interior design of bedroom in bangladeshIf the building is an old one, the chances are that the designer will have a measure existing conditions in order to draw up plans. In a new building, the plans will be provided by the architect or builder. Once a satisfactory scheme has been arrived at and has been approved by the client, the designer will produce the working drawings and details required to get bids from contractors.

As a rule, even on small jobs, the designer will recommend to his client that two or three contractors bid on the job based on the designers drawing and specification


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After approval has been given by the client, the designer will have to place all the orders, making sure to coordinate delivery schedules such as delivery of upholstery fabrics from the textile firm to the furniture manufacturer’s plant, ensuring proper identification for whatever pieces of furniture the fabrics were specified. The designer must also make sure that the floor covering is installed prior to the delivery of furniture, and that the luminaries arrive while the electrical contractor is on the job.


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bangladeshi interior design room decoratingOn a small job, such as the imaginary one described above, the responsibility of timing, schedules, and even partial supervision is often shared with the client. In the past, the standard procedure on smaller jobs was for the designer to place all orders for furnishings pay the bills and invoice the client. Many designers charged a fee or percentage for these services. Now more and more of the truly professional designers prefer to charge a straight fee for all their services. The chances are that by the time most of the physician’s offices were completed, he will have developed a healthy respect for his designer’s ability and judgment, and he will expect help in the selection and purchase of paintings, in the arrangement of his various medical diplomas, and in the selection of ashtrays and other accessories. Few jobs will be completed without some small problems. A strike by one of the trades can mean a long delay; a delayed delivery of furniture may be a serious difficulty if the office is to be opened in time, and at times the client may be unhappy about the result of certain aspects of the job. In a case of one-man operation, the team may simply be client-designer, and will frequently be a very successful and well-attuned working combination.


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Large design offices are usually divided into a number of departments: these include a design department headed by the chief designer or principal of the firm; a production department that is responsible for the production of working drawing and all drafting; a number of specialized functions such as accounting, purchasing, or color work, which are sometimes staffed by just one person; and a supporting office staff responsible for the administration and function of the organization.


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interior design company list in bangladeshThe tiles and division of functions can vary greatly. Some offices have decorating departments or color departments, where all furniture, fabric, and color selections are made. Some offices have a special business or purchasing department responsible for the ordering of all materials and furnishings.

In recent years, more and more of the large design offices have tried to stay away from the actual purchasing of furnishing, merely specifying all orders for execution by the client’s purchasing department, if the client does not have a purchasing department, the design office may place all orders and submit invoices to the client for direct payment to the suppliers.


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drawing room decoration in bangladeshThe key person in each design office is the chief designer. The success and reputation of a large firm are often due to the chief designer’s ability. If the firm often grows to more than a score of staff members, it is physically impossible for one person to be responsible for all design and detail decisions. Most firms handle a good many jobs at one time and employ a number of “project directors” each one responsible for a number of jobs under the general guidance of the firm’s head. Some offices call this position” coordinator” some others use a term borrowed from the world of advertising, “account executive”. Those designers in charge of a job, as a rule, carry all responsibility from client contract to field supervision. Most offices supply supporting staff members, from assistants to the specialist for field supervision, or from draftsmen to specialists in rendering.


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On large jobs, preliminary drawings are developed after a thorough study of job requirements has been made.interior design ideas for apartments These drawings will be approved by the client and will probably be sent to contractors for preliminary budget costs. After a number of revisions are made, the drawing will be turned over to the production department, where working drawings and details are developed under the supervision of a chief draftsman. These drawings and details, along with schedules and specifications, become the contract drawings, which are the basic element in building any job.

During the process of detailing design changes may be necessary, in which case the designer clarifies his intent and accepts alternatives. It is almost impossible to foresee all of the small details necessary to build a job. The problems the hardware, of mechanical equipment, of costs, and of available materials often forces design changes.


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The construction department usually compiles budget estimates so that a designer will know how much a job may cost while he is designing. After the contract drawings have been issued, bids are submitted by the various contractors. The design office will examine these bids and will make recommendations to the client as to which contractor should be awarded the job. The specifications that accompany constructions drawings are legal documents containing precise instructions to the contractor pertaining to materials and methods of construction. They are usually prepared by the construction department. Furnishings specifications are handled by the design or decorating department if the office is large enough to support such specialized functions.


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Wherever special conditions occur, the general contractor or his subcontractors are expected to submit shop drawings to clarify his intent to the design offices satisfaction. These drawings- whether from the sheet metal shop showing air conditioning ducts or from the woodworker showing cabinet details- must be carefully checked by the designer or the production department.


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All steps involved in the design of any small space by an individual designer are involved and magnified in larger commissions. When, as mentioned earlier, a through a study of job requirements must be undertaken, this can involve many months or even years of work for large projects. The design of new corporate headquarters for a large firm might involve a survey of all existing conditions and furnishings, and analysis of procedures and equipment might fill up several sets of a book like documents. The scheduling of deliveries towards the completion of a job may have to be coordinated with the moving of existing equipment. If a firm occupies many floors of a large building, the logistics involved are highly complex and require careful planning.


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modern interior design ideasThe client is as important on a large job as he is a small job. If the client is represented by a group or committee, the designer or project director may have to be a diploma as well as a patient saint.

In order to avoid problems caused by personal prejudices of top executives, most design firms attempt to clarify the lines of authority very clearly through the initial presentation of design schemes to the client or to the client’s committee. Sometimes rather theatrical presentations, carefully rehearsed, are staged in an attempt to impress the client and obtain approval for a through scheme without changes.


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It must be pointed out again that the procedures described in the foregoing paragraphs vary widely.

Some design firms consciously avoid growing too large in the realization that the creative process must suffer if the organization becomes too complex and if the design firm becomes a large production by the architectural firm.


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The ideal result of interior design done in architectural offices is the kind of job in which one cannot tell where architectural work stopped and interior design began. The complexity of large jobs necessities departmentalization in most of the larger offices and, as a rule, the interior design work is done separately or as an addition to the basic building design. In some offices, the interior department is small and is confined to the specification and selection of materials, colors, and furnishings –with resulting mediocrity of the finished job.


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The best work results from situations in which the interiors are planned together with the initial conceptual design of the structure and in which the interior schemes are determinant factors in the planning and shape of the building. In many cases, interiors are treated as separate contracts, and when the building is in its initial design, there are no assurances to the architectural firms that they will be awarded the design contract for the interiors. In some building types such as theaters, museums, or other public buildings, it is almost impossible to divorce the two aspects of design.


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The best architectural firm insists on total control over their jobs and will, therefore, take responsibility for all aspects of design, including landscaping, lighting, interiors, and building graphics. Often the attitude of the principal or partner in charge makes the difference between an indifferent or a superb interior design job. In some offices, the partner in charge will go to the client meetings together with his interiors staff members in order to emphasize the importance attached to that phase of the job.


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In some offices, architectural design scheme is so strong that there are few decisions left to any designer but the architect in charge. A building like Eero Saarinen’s TWA terminal is an example of a strong design statement that left no pieces of furniture or no material as an entity or component to be considered apart from the architecture. Frequently the interior design department begins its involvement on a new project through programming and development of client’s needs.


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The programming of a new building involves space planning and analysis. In order to arrive at a budget figure for a new structure, in interior designers often must submit estimates of all interior furnishings and materials even before the project goes into the working drawing stage. The choice of materials is a matter of aesthetics as well as cost, and there is never a very clear line between the architects and the designer’s sphere of influence. Some architectural offices consider all architectural materials, which form integral parts of the building, the responsibility of the architectural design and assign the choice of surfacing materials to the interior designer. Gensler Architect is known as Best Architect Firm in Bangladesh.


In the better offices, no such clear distinction is drawn, and the decisions are arrived at jointly. The same divisions of labor apply at times between built- in architectural features and free-standing furniture. More and more architectural offices depend on the special skills of the interior designer to design and detail special features such as architectural woodwork, and a certain amount of overlap between the department and interior draftsmen may exist.


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The bulk of the interior design work in architectural offices does not differ measurably from similar work done in the large interior firms. There might, however, be more involvement with the design and specifications of mechanical equipment and subsequent supervision, and often there may be involvement with decisions affecting the landscaping. A good many small architectural offices consisting of no more than a handful of people are engaged in work which is in effect interior design. Many of these architects, often younger members of the profession, from partnerships with interior designers and work hand-in-hand with their colleagues on all aspects of a job.  Interior designers employed in small architectural offices often perform a number of tasks that are handled by draftsmen and architects in the larger offices and spend much of their time in architectural drafting and design.


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Regardless of the organizational structure in larger or small architectural offices, the key to the successful total job is the teamwork cooperation between all the designers, who must perform together very much like members of a symphony orchestra. Each one must be a competent artist in his own right; but as a group, they must perform with the proper ensemble under the direction of a leader, whether he is the partner in charge, the chief designer, or the project director. There is no precise borderline between the large design offices, the offices known as, “contract designers” or the firm called” space planners”. The reference is usually to design concerned with large corporations or governmental agencies, occupying or planning occupancy of many thousands of square feet of office space. The term” space planner” has become the most accepted term for people concerned with the analysis of spatial requirements, the programming of needs for clients, the preliminary space layouts, and ultimately the final planning.


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The uses of space studies, especially in their preliminary stages, are often for architectural planning or for lease negotiations. Space planning requires competence and much-specialized knowledge about the working and needs of large firms; it does not, as a rule, encompass many aesthetics consideration. There are, in fact, some large design offices that have within their organizational setup departments of space planning, together with design, production, and usual subdivisions. Considering the enormous cost of office space the careful analysis of needs is a vital service for those businesses contemplating buildings, moves, or renovations. A number of space-planning firms have developed through procedures for analysis and programming as an independent service. That means that frequently space- planning firms will be retained for the development of a program, but will not necessity be awarded the job of designing the space, even if the same firm offers design services.


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Specialists in space planning usually have design training and often architectural training. They must have learned to understand the vast complexities of corporate business and the office equipment from large IBM systems to the latest filing cabinets on the market; they must ask to be adept at grasping the particular operational needs of each firm in order to help their clients arrive at better working procedures. There is a similarity in these services to management _consulting services and indeed there are a number of firms who combine management consulting with space planning and program development. The concept of “office landscaping” described briefly in another section grew out of the work of space planners working with management consultants. It is also one of the early uses of computer technology for the solution of the design problem.


Design Presentation

The term “presentation” is an odd one, suggesting as it does the formal giving of a gift. It has entered into the jargon of the profession, probably coming from the advertising business, where it means a showing of proposed work. There are two kinds of presentations made by designers: one is an effort to persuade a prospective client to select a particular designer while the other is a presentation of design work in order to get approval from a client. In the first solution, the prospective client has no business obligation to the designer. Some designers will prepare promotional sketches “on speculation”, that is, without any contract or fee in an effort to obtain a commission. Since this is really giving free design service, most serious designers regard doing this is unprofessional or even unethical. Other serious professions will never offer free advice in this fashion.


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Almost any designer, even the most carefully ethical, will show a prospective client example of his previous work and discuss how he would approach a new project. Showing one’s ability in this way is quite ethical and can be done very informally or through a more organized presentation according to what seems most appropriate in a given situation. Students find that they face a similar problem when they look for a first job and must organize their work into a ” portfolio” or some other presentation format so that prospective employers can evaluate their work.


This chapter is primarily concerned with the second type of design presentation, the type that forms an integral part of a project already under way with a client who has selected a designer and authorized him to develop his ideas and plans in enough detail to be ready for the client to review. Design presentations of this type are a too; they are a means to an end. They are the designer’s language of communication. A superb design presentation can only be meaningful if the content is good; if the design presented is poor, the presentations just that must fancy wrapping for a package of questionable content. Student designers and some interior design firms, unfortunately, spend a large percentage of their time or fees on impressive presentations, with resulting mediocrity of design solutions. Before a presentation reaches the client it serves a number of proposed:


  • Each plan, elevation, section or perspective sketch in its rough form is part of the process needed by the designer to visualize ideas.
  • Since most large projects involve teams of designers, these drawings are also a means of communication among fellow designers, employers.
  • Rough studies or finished presentations also serve as a mean of communications with contractors, engineers, and various trades (in addition to working drawings).

Clients need presentations in order to visualize and comprehend the proposed design solutions. Often the participation of the clients in real solutions to problems is essential, and only through the complete understanding of what is proposed can such intelligent participation be obtained. It need not, however, be an elaborate and costly presentation in order to communicate the design intent, especially if the job is simple and of moderate scope. A major design commission presented to a board of directors or to a committee may require considerably more effort than a design solution presented to a single client. A presentation to a board or a group might be the one and the only opportunity given the designer for the presentation of his ideas; it might be impossible to get the group together again for supplementary submissions. Larger jobs also provide an adequate budgets to cover the expenses of through presentations Design presentations vary considerably from firm to firm. Some design firms have special presentation rooms with sophisticated audio- visual equipment for the expressed purpose of staging impressive presentations for clients. Other design firms prefer simple and plain sets of drawings. Full-color perspective renderings may be done within the design firms by staff members or may be given to professional renderers. The latter often command impressive prices for their work. It is for that reason that many designers prefer simple techniques, and perhaps use line drawings supplemented with boards showing the actual colors, materials, and photographs of furnishings. At a time this presentation is done in form of booklets, or at times in the most conventional manner of large presentation boards. Complex architectural spaces are difficult to show in the form of drawings. Architects always prefer scale models and a good many interior design firms use models rather extensively for presentation purpose. Design presentations are distinctly different from working drawings and contract documents. The latter may include sets of written specifications and many technical details. Since the presentation stage often includes negotiations for budgets, cost analysis, charts, and product selections are sometimes included in the stage. In recent year photography has become an increasingly important tool for use in making presentations and many students are exploring the possibilities of some of these techniques. Good color film and processing and inexpensive cameras capable of close-up work make it possible to produce color slides easily, reliably and fairly inexpensively.


Some designers have experimented with moving pictures and taped TV as a means of giving an illusion of a “walk through” a real space. Such techniques can become very costly and difficult, but can sometimes be justified in relation to large projects where there can be a great deal at stake in the making of design decisions.


In summary, it is important to keep in mind that presentation are but a means to an end. Overly elaborate and gimmicky presentations might obscure their basic purpose, which is, or should be, to present a design concept, not to be primarily a sales device. When sales presentations begin to blur the designer’s vision, there will be the danger that the designer will sell a presentation, rather than a design solution.

In our Bangladesh perspective, most important and attractive things are Interior design company firstly search the clients internal desires & wishes,secondly they deliver some specific demo based on that client’s demands if proposal is approved by client then they will plan approximate budget which is related to purchasing, designing, furnishing, changing up to delivering the whole project.Thirdly in this whole work procedure client’s suggestion, opinion, monitoring, developing all things are very much closely handled by these company. Lastly ……but not last this is the core hearted ethics of any interior company always they run and hard work to optimize maximum customer satisfaction.