House plan has to convert or make up to order wise as per our desire, may be a cottage, flat or own area. Talented professional designers do share their intelligent and experienced idea with their clients about the way of the apparition of the house design plan in the Bangladeshi perspectives. The most important thing in this sector is to collect & verify all documents of the land by the investigation team. Our best house design planner always conscious about this paper very keen way is to justify & cross checked by their lawyer.Otherwise, at the time of construction period, a various embarrassing problems may be happening. In the future, it can be increased by unwanted case order situation.

Building size, length, width, these must be scrutinized at the house planning time.Air circulation, huge sunlight passing path and darkness remove at every step of the house interior plan are the very vital issue.The landowner and our real estate developer should be careful about the approval order by the government rules.Utility services such as gas line, water line, electricity connection, sewerage line all things have to point out in a right measurement way, Bangladeshi  house people can go to the local or […]