Evangel Interior is the break new ground of Interior Design in Bangladesh. They follow all the base rules and guidelines which trends to achieve Top Interior Design Company in Bangladesh. There is relatively few design offices restricting their activities to space planners are mostly functional and do not as a rule lead to spectacular design solutions. It is, however, one of the many special activities in interior design that requires through training, talent, and much experience. Evangel Interior grip that conceitedly.

Office Landscape:

A new and very special type of interior are the “office landscape”. This curious term, a literal translation of the German Buro-Landscape, describes a system of office planning developed during the last few years in Europe which is attracting considerable attention at the present time. An “office landscape” interior tends to be quite shocking to most designers on first exposure, particularly when seen in plan, because it seems to violate all the generally accepted principles of good design. In the plan, it appears that furniture and portable careers have been thrown into space at random with a chaotic absence of pattern. On closer examination, however, it becomes clear that the originators of office landscape have some very specific and reasonable ideas which lead to these unusual results. It is also basic to the “Landscape “idea that partitioning is avoided.

Office interior design ideasEven so-called movable partitions that take time and money to move are considered barriers to communication and flexibility. Without partitioning, change to accommodate changing work patterns becomes both quick and inexpensive. The office landscape planning method begins with a survey of all communication in the office organization-whether by conversation, written memo, or telephone. Every staff member keeps a log of communications conducted for a period of two weeks. These data are then analyzed, in the case of large organizations with the help of a data processing computer. This leads to a plan placing each workstation so as to minimize the length of the most active lines of communication. People who must be infrequent contract are placed close together; those who have little need for contract end are far apart. Departmental organization and official “line of command” are ignored in order to arrive at an arrangement that will reflect the real needs for proximity. The detailed layout is not geometric but follows certain rules about details so as to avoid, for example, seating any two workers in a face to face position. If we don’t follow those rules some avoided comes that may not recover. Evangel Interior focuses that points and can easily remove barriers. As a Bangladeshi interior design firm, Evangel Interior provides the supreme solution of modern Design.

Interior Design in Bangladesh

Once the basic plan has been arrived at, a scale model is built with movable furniture and portable screen elements placed according to the proposed plan. This model is made available to representatives of the working staff who will occupy the office so that criticisms and changes can result from this step, but that it is very helpful in securing the understanding and cooperation of those who will finally use the office. There is also is routine continuing study of needed changes, with a generally rearrangement taking place approximately every six months to deal with all the accumulated needs for revision that have developed during that time. Since there are no fixed, architectural elements, such change is quick and inexpensive.

Up to now, most experience with this planning system has been developed in Europe. Reports indicate that there is an increase in work efficiency and that office workers tend to like the “Landscape “office better than conventional officers. There can be no question that the cost of construction will be low, and the cost of changes is so low as to be almost negligible. Evangel Interior always to convey a project with a low budget with the utmost endeavor that turns out to be a precursor of best interior design company Bangladesh. They exclusively famous for Bangladeshi home design which is unique than other interior design firms.

There may well be an assimilation of the original Buru- Lands haft ideas into conventional office planning that will lead to a result that includes the freedom and economics of this system while retaining a more traditional visual appearance and offering some level of privacy in the areas where this is a genuine requirement.

Work Space: 

Interior design in BangladeshEvangel Interior clutches a good number interior designer in Bangladesh and they know how to utilize the workspace at maximum level. The workspaces that are designed with the intent to create beauty, as well as efficiency, are most frequently offices. It is interesting to note here that in an industrial, technologically advanced society, the vast majority of jobs are so-called white collar jobs, and jobs classified by economists as “service” jobs. The increase attention that business and industry have lavished upon the environment of its office’s force is, therefore, the direct result of a need that did not exist fifty years ago to the degree that exists today. As a result of this relatively recent need, interior design firms have come into existence whose main activity is the planning and design of offices. In fact, the name that is frequently used to define these design organizations is “space planners” or “contract designers”. The” interior decorator” used to earn his her compensation through the sale of furnishings sold to the client at a markup over the wholesale price. In designing and furnishing business interiors, the standard procedure is the more professional one of making a contract with the client in which a professional fee is clearly spelled out for services performed by the designer, supplying furnishings is included as part of the same contract. Hence the term “contract design”. The typical method of work and operation of these and other types of interior design offices will be discussed in a later chapter.

interior design company in bangladeshFor the purpose of gaining an understanding of the specific problems involved in the design of workspaces, it is more important here to examine the needs and points of view of the client. There is a considerable difference in needs between a small one-man professional office, a local branch office of a bank, and a large corporation headquarters occupying many floors in a high-rise building. Within the general classification of office work, there is equally large difference between the work secretaries, computer operators, and clerks on the one hand, and executives, salesman, or administrators on the other hand. A whole new method for the scientific solution of large and complex offices has been developed in an experimental way in recent years. This method, known as “office landscape”, was developed in Germany, has not been used widely in the United States at this data. It is, however, a significant approach to the solution of office design problems and will be discussed briefly in a separate chapter. Every client who retains a design firm has some idea of his spatial and functional needs. What image the office conveys is often a decision that must be made by the designer, and it may reflect the intent of the designers as much as the expressed intent of the client. The mores and traditions of our society dictate certain expectations. One would expect the offices or ticket agencies of an airline to reflect the image of up-to –date efficiency, but one would expect a more playful image projected for offices or sales areas of toys or perfume. The mood created in a funeral parlor would obviously be a different one from the mood or atmosphere in a nightclub restaurant. Social mores are somewhat like fashions and change from time to time. Until about fifteen years ago the interiors of bank “had” to be solid, full of marble, fake columns, and heavy, stodgy furniture. With the building of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company’s Fifth Avenue office by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill in the early 1950’s, a new tradition was created; and the bank –with large glass areas and many exterior-related features such as planting areas or doors with air curtains has become accepted by and become a desirable model for the banking community.

Designers of workspaces offer many services to their clients before the actual designing begins. Through training and experience, designers have learned to analyze a client’s needs and often can offer substantial savings to a firm by advising on the kind of space that might be suitable for expansion and change; or sometimes through efficient planning the design firm can advise the clients to lease a smaller and less expensive space than the one contemplated originally. From negotiating the lease for a work-space to the specification of flooring and wall surfacing materials, countless factors must be considered that are based on functional and considerations rather than purely aesthetic ones.

Top Interior Design Company in Bangladesh presents Appealing Living space:

Because of a top interior design company in Bangladesh Evangel Interior functions the entirety plan in a systematized manner. The functional considerations which are the paramount importance in the design of workspaces exist in the design of living spaces too but are proportionally less important. Living spaces or homes are highly personal environments. Design criteria are valid and meaningful in general terms, but obviously, each individual tenant or homeowner can make unusual and esoteric desiccations and can be perfectly happy living within a strange interior that might seem shocking or poorly designed to the trained designer. To use a crass example, it would seem poor planning and poor design to find the bathroom on the opposite side of the living room, away from the sleeping area, it would seem absurd to have the dining area separated from the kitchen by a bedroom. Yet such houses and apartments have been built, or owners have arranged them in such a way for lack of proper understanding –or worse, for no reason but wanting to be different. As designers, we cannot be too concerned with eccentricities of people and must base our criteria on sound principles and norms.  It seems, in the fact, that basic principles are the only important ones in the design of living environments. The decorations and the choice of furniture and furnishing would ideally be up to each homemaker. The selection of colors and materials should be as personal an expression as the selection of a dress or tie. The women who would not ever dare to select a simple piece of furniture or fabrics without her “decorator” would rarely dream of asking a professional fashion expert to go shopping with her for a new dress or coat. The really capable designer does not impose his own preferences on a client but will guide the client to the creation of a home that reflects the owner’s interests and personal preference within the principles of good design and planning. For making a Home interior design in Bangladesh we follow the value, culture and thoughts of every client that bring a solid result in Home interior Design.

There are a good many considerations which all too frequently are neglected in the design of living spaces; in fact, the checklist at the beginning of Part Four applies point by point to a home as much as to an office or other work space. Logical planning of one space in relation to another seems elementary, yet many houses and apartments exist – some designed, some built by develops –that seem to intend their occupants to chase up and down the stairs or through the long corridors, or that seem likely to create conflict between activities of children and parents. Even more, homes have been built without rooms or location of windows bears no relation to any possible use of the spaces. Storage for the average family should certainly be more than two or three bedroom closets of very limited size. Most living spaces ignore the storage of normal family possessions, such as bicycles and baby carriages, sports equipment and tools, or any number of the many possessions that most families own. The rare, exceptions in which living spaces are logically planned are houses or apartments planned through collaboration between architects and interior designers, or by architects who acted as interior designers for the houses they designed.

Home interior design ideasObviously, a distinction must be drawn at this point between the living spaces that are truly designed and the mass housing in builder’s developments or apartments, which unfortunately represents the large majority of existing homes today. But even in these mass housing units, interior design often overcome the poor architectural features that have been provided. Without undue expense, it is possible to provide storage facilities, shelving, and furniture plan that will solve the basic needs of the occupants. To see the popular displays and advertisements for furniture, one might deduce that ours is an illiterate society with nobody ever writing a letter, reading a book, or doing anything but sitting in front of a large and ugly television set, smack in the center of the living room or “den”. Home interior design ideas are stand on some core methods. The examples pictured on the following pages are living spaces designed by designers, showing care and consideration that may be beyond the reach of the average family. But it seems self-evident that the level of design in any and every living spaces could be much improved with a least the basic guidance that a designer could provide. The market offers huge quantities of tasteless       and ugly products in home furnishings, and it is probable that until much better design is produced for the mass market, the services of the interiors designers will still be highly desirable, as a kind of guide in the wilderness of bad design National magazines like a feature article on the profession of interior design from time to time. Invariably the image of the society decorators emerges the decorator designer who deals with nothing less than a penthouse or luxury Apartments, and whose minimum budget seems higher than the ever age yearly income of most people. They can also afford to make mistakes and discard a sofa or chair after a year or two if they do not like it. Residents of low-income housing deserve and need qualified design help more than anybody; to date, the design profession has done but little in this direction. It is to be hoped that our social structure and social values will change to bring off about much more design activity for the low and middle-income groups and make it possible to offer this professional service without loss of income to the design profession. Maintenance too seems at first glance of lesser importance in a living space than in a hospital or hotel. This is not so Durability of materials is a vital factor for people of limited means. Discussing above Ideas among Interior design in Bangladesh Evangel Interior is dependable and up-to-the-minute.