Interior design is the most popular topic in Bangladesh.  There are so many modern interior design ideas developed in the market that very much helpful to the individual and the homeowners. At present interior design is the very important area for the creation of innovative ideas for their home or office. The demand of internal affairs designer in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Beautiful home is the dream of people.

Modern Interior Design Bangladesh

The comfortable and modern look home have a huge effect on your mind and refresh your mood also. So for the interior decoration of home, you can take services from an interior design company in Bangladesh. The interior designer is trying to give the best and quality services to their clients. Interior design in Bangladesh is not limited in residential design; they also provide hospital design, commercial design, health care design, restaurant design, universal design, exhibition design. The services are mainly divided into following categories:

  • Residential sector: It is the most useful types of interior design. Because people like to make their home more beautiful and modern look. The signature design and style of interior designer gives your home magnificent interior decoration.
  • Corporate sector: Corporate sector includes office, Bank, Firm, Industry. Interior design provides their best services to the well-organized corporation in each and every section.
  • Health sector: Modern Interior design, provides services related to treatment and medical facilities. Such as hospital design with living facilities, medical office, laboratories, medical specialist, dentist office and other facilities.
  • Retail sector: In the retail sector, they give the services of the interior design of the departmental store, showroom, shopping loobies, merchandising showroom.
  • Recreation divisions: the Contemporary interior designer is playing a very vital role in entertainment areas such as hotels, resorts, cafes, clubs, the sports venue. Most of the people are coming here for relaxation and refresh their mind. So beauty is the key element which is done with the internal design.
  • Institutional Sector: This sector includes schools, universities, financial institution, credit union.

Fresh and stylish interior designer in Bangladesh is also given the facilities that include park design, museum, exhibition, private institutions, etc. The home designer has provided best services by proper planning of the project, perfect finish, color contrast, quality accessories, and good lighting considering the clients needs budget and time constraints. New ideas and concepts are also available in online, magazines, and YouTube that helps you to decorate your home or office as you like.

Modern Living Room In Bangladesh

The living room is the center of your home. Every family member comes at certain times in the living room and meets and spends their time for recreation. The Bangladeshi specialist designer is more careful about the modern living room designing until the end of time. They consistently devote their full intelligence power, doing timeless hard work and develop creative decorating ideas for the current look of our living room. Artistic and innovative room decorating ideas can be the lucky element for the modern living room in  Bangladesh. When we enter into our living room it is the first place we see, so it should be more impressive, dreamy and mind touchy.

The Following ideas are followed by the skilled designer who is very much helpful to build up a modern living room in Bangladesh.

  • Proper space management: What shape of your room it does not matter, it can be L shape, you shape, square, rectangle or semi-circle. The main thing is, space can be managed or created by appropriate room design. Your interior designer should analysis all types of space such as wall space, floor space, corner space that make more organized. You can also able to use your living room for multiple purposes.
  • Modern look Furniture: Seating is the primary objective of the living room. So the seating arrangement must be appropriate. Room designer can choose a wide variety of stylish and modern look sofa set for your room. The living room is not full space, so for your small living room, 2 seaters +2 single or 3 seaters+ 2 single sofa hold good. Cane or Bamboo furniture is the very traditional furniture in Bangladesh. It is easy to move or also suitable for your home.
  • Designable Wall Decor: Wall decor is the perfect place for modern interior design ideas. You can decorate your wall as you wish. Wall paper and wall painting make your room more colorful and bright. You can also use different hanging decoration and family pictures on your wall space. Television is also a central point in your living room. Different size and modern look TVs are available in the market. You can set up Tv that suits your room size and space.
  • Floor Design: Floor is the important part of your living room. It added the value and separate dignity of your house. Wooden style, tiles, marble fitting, glass, the various material can be used for living room floor. Moreover, different shapes stylish rugs and mats do flourishing the living room more beautiful.
  • Lighting: Lighting creates an ambiance in your living room. So at that planning moment for lighting solution in your living room, natural light must me considered. The living room is the charming place, so the combination of soft and bright light may be preferable.

So the living room decor ideas depend on the choice, style, personality, thought, the budget of each person.

Modern Room Decoration in Bangladesh

Modern room décor is the combinations of creative ideas, modern technology, and fancy goods.  Different people has different taste, different ideas, and concepts. They can decorate their room with their thoughts and requirements. An interior designer is enabled to design the modern room decoration in Bangladesh. Modern decorating ideas increase the harmony of your interior decoration. There are some tips of modern room design in Bangladesh:

Best color combination: There should be a better blend between wall, floor and furniture colors. Design a bedroom with sophisticate color with some colorful cushions, bed sheet, etc. Floor color is imperative for the brightness of the room. Light dark brown, gray, white blue are the most popular color for modern room décor. All these color goes well with most modern furniture.

Patterns: Patterns are very vital equipment for modern interior design. Different rugs, fabrics are very much useful for modern bedroom design. Graphics designs are the best choice for bedroom décor.

Furniture: Modern style for furniture is simple and clean lines. Darker shades of wood are a popular color for modern furniture. Try to avoid the furniture which reduces your maximum space.  The designer can also use black and white furniture also. Coffee or tea table with glass fittings are perfect for your living room.

Accessories for modern design:

Proper accessories create a modern look for your home. It is the valuable tool not only for increase your home style but it is essential to organize and store items.  Digital photo frame, wallpaper also makes your modern home look.

Lighting Ideas: Lighting enhances your home more bright and clear. A different layer of lighting and lamps can be arranged at the different height that creates the image of bedrooms and other rooms.

image of bedrooms

Simplicity: modern design is based on simplicity with minimum furniture and decorations. Simply furnished room creates more space and less stress.

Technology: I think the living room or family room is the best use of technology in modern design. Decorate your room with plasma flat screen  TV, DVD player, and other equipment also. You should create your room according to your room space and patterns.

Interior design for drawing room

The drawing room is a unique part of your house. It is the top place for sitting and socializing with family members, friends, and relatives. The drawing room is located near the entrance of your home. The room designer should be more concerned when preparing a design layout for your drawing room. The perfect drawing room decor ideas can able to meet the demand in different occasion. The well-decorated drawing room created an excellent ambiance for your house.

Interior design for drawing room

At present interior design ideas and concept have changed radically over the time. The designer should keep in mind that drawing room is the comfortable place for sitting and conversing. People are more conscious about the drawing room when it is time to decorate because it is positioned for easy entrance of guest and visitors. The following tips are helpful for drawing room design.

  • Furniture Allocation: Choose the furniture for your drawing room on the basis of your office space. If your room size is ample then chosen large furniture, if the size is small then choose the small size or low or low-level furniture. Room designer tries to avoid excess furniture that shrinks your room space and also cut the beauty of the chamber. You can arrange sofa, bookshelves, corner table, TV trolly, rugs, etc. depends on the size of your room.
  • Color Contrast: Color is the essential tip of your room design. You can choose elegant, stylish and peaceful look color paint on your wall to decorate your room. Color should be matched all the items in your room. You can also use the different wallpaper, painting, and sticker also.
  • Curtain Style: Curtain adds the value and beauty of the room. The elegant and stylish curtain make your room more lucrative and modern look. Your room looks larger with the long length curtain from top to bottom.
  • Decorating Ceiling: Most of the people want to decorate like the ceiling of the drawing room. It creates the gorgeous look in your room. The variations of decorating ideas are available in the market. You can choose according to your requirements and budget.
  • Lighting: Sufficient light makes your room bright and perfect effect of color combinations. You can use table light and hanging lights for the decoration your drawing room.The spotlight is the very innovative ideas for space plan for the enhancement of the attractiveness of the place.

You can generate your thoughts in different interior magazines. You can use different cushions, carpet and wall paintings for the decoration of your drawing room area.

Interior Design Company in Dhaka

Nowadays Interior Design Company is developing day by day in Dhaka. There are so many  Interior Design Company in Dhaka that provided high quality and best services to satisfy their customers.  Interior Design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of space or building, to achieve a healthier and a more pleasurable environment for the user. An Interior Designer of Interior Design Company in Dhaka is someone who plans, researches, coordinates and manages all types of projects. They make sure that the interior spaces they are designing are always functional, safe, and beautiful for every type of buildings: houses, supermarkets, companies, malls, coffee shops, and restaurants. They also get to choose the colors, materials, textures, furniture, flooring, wallpaper, lighting, and other materials to every interior space or building.

Interior Design Company in Dhaka employs highly qualified professionals who served their best that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management and execution of the design. It provides exclusive design to make any project look elegant and welcoming. Interior design is a process to shape the interior space with the different look. They get to the heart of the issues and design areas that have the function, aesthetic and quality that the client is looking for. Dhaka’s interior designers evaluate the space, find out what the customer’s needs are, come up with different options that make the best use of the square footage based on what the client wants to accomplish, and then discuss them with the customer to determine the best possible solution.

There are many challenges that come with a design such as accessibility and aging-in-place, so the more Dhaka-based interior design company understands about the client’s wants, the better they can space plan and design for the customer. These Companies affect how people live, move through space and interact with interior environments on a daily basis, across the globe. They play a significant role in everyday life. It introduces people to beauty, relaxation, and modernism. Interior design is an important technique that is given a high attention all over the world nowadays. People’s interest in having a beautiful and attractive design for private and public buildings is increasing. This shows a huge necessity of interior design company where accurate & standard companies are available in Dhaka city nowadays.The popularity and importance of these artistic companies have increased, as the awareness of the roles are played by both interior designers and architects. There is no dressing up involved in defining this profession.

The professional Interior Designer in Dhaka is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. For the purpose of improving the quality of life, increasing productivity, and protecting health, safety, and welfare of the public, in the Dhaka city  the professional interior designer would need to be responsible for numerous activities like client’s requirements, security requirements, formulation of the design concepts, preparation of working drawings, space planning, furnishing, etc.