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Evangel Interior is ambitious in the quest for brilliance and superiority. We robustly trust with the aim of one’s ambiance in a straight line persuade the eminence of one’s life – whether in the job place, at the residence or the familiar places among. Our loom is entrenched in rigid confidence that design is elementary to civilizing the value of life, and with an incorporated and combined loom, it can develop into an entirety persistent and breathing effort of talent. We endeavor to make available our regulars with the most significant part forward-looking plan and lucrative elucidation of structure and functionality. Worldwide these days, every key assignment is determined through central planning and design, to their full architectural outward appearance. These are the potency of Evangel Interior. The company has been functioning on several turn-key projects.

Evangel Interior has set up a highly competent lineup that can carry out the design and implementation of architectural, structural, landscape, interior architectural and interior design projects, together with the assembly of our own superior and tailored furniture. To make straight consumer aspiration, as well as core ethics with the vibrant, utilization of space, Evangel Interior make out alternatives and preference within an extensive scale- from the adaptation of work guide used for enhanced efficiency.

Client Satisfaction

  • Evangel Interior is committed to providing the greatest Quality, price, and Service to meet up our client needs. Evangel Interior’s trustworthiness and quality save our clients time and money. 
  • To make assured we are delivering on our promises after a project is completed we survey our clients electronically to measure their satisfaction.
  • Our Designers dedicate the first phase of a project to observing the space and or drawings and the site and listen to our clients to understand what problems they’re trying to solve, even if they can’t quite articulate the problems themselves.
  • As architects, designers, workplace stratagems and environmental specialists, we help clients coherent and support their business policy and core values with the active use of space. 
  • We then breakaway to proposal possible design-centric solutions and present the best options to the client. Our mission is to go beyond any limits in design that separate the clients from ultimate success.
  • Using proprietary progression, software, and web-based tools, our data-driven approach connects the built environment with client enterprises, equipment’s, brand and ethnicity in unanticipated traditions and at latest levels. 
  • Prompt response with the speedy delivery of finished work. We give the quick and quality solution.


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Evangel Interior is the icon of bigger excellence, swift service, innovative planning, appealing Design and exclusive supervision

“Do you get embarrassed when you see your office or room? Does it hold low priority on your to-do list? Because it shouldn’t, looks like living space matter! Are You Looking For Quality & Affordable Interior Design Services?” Interior designers take part in an imperative responsibility just later than the construction of a residence. Real Estate Companies is having a mixture of venture that comprises housing flats, bungalows, and commercial buildings. But, exclusive of an appropriate color and embellishment inside the particular flat or commercial properties, the property will not be right to exist. Interior designer plays an immense part in building apartments and houses. But, without the contribution of the interior designers, the property will not be suitable for living. If the space surrounded by the possessions is tiny, interior designers will arrange and organize each object inside the room in such an approach that, the home will glance roomy. Our clients in dissimilar marketplace global entail high performance, visually convincing and sustainable atmosphere to move their venture ahead, support their customs, appoint their possessions, put together technology and drive efficiency. We accept as true Evangel Interior to be the Top Interior Design Company Dhaka Bangladesh.

Evangel interior is a specialized architect, exterior and interior design company in Bangladesh. Evangel interior specialized in Interior design, Apartment interior design, Office interior design, Hospital interior design, Kitchen interior design, Bedroom interior design, Duplex interior design, Shop and Showroom interior design, Garments Factory interior design, Reception interior design, Hotel interior design, Dental Clinic interior design, Clinic interior design, Hospital interior design, Professional interior design, Café and restaurant interior design, Building design, Specialized Exterior Design, Landscape design, ACP supplier, Commercial office complex design, Structural design, space Planning, Spa design, Water Heating Systems setup, Railing and Stair design. The evangel interior design firm is one of the Top interior design firm in Bangladesh Because it has Expert Interior design consultant, Interior design contractor, Innovative and appealing Interior and best exterior design and planning, As a Top Interior Design company in Bangladesh Evangel augment with all supportive materials along with Event Design and Management, Decorative Glass, Furniture Company, Thai glass installation, Wooden furniture manufacturer.

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The first thing comes with interior design is space planning. Blocking out the spatial areas, planning for the layout of furniture, placement of equipment and many more things are included in the design. Interior design decorates the elements of a house so that people can live there comfortably. The main purpose of space planning is to make the space efficient. You see in some cases people are unhappy with lack of space in their home. There is enough space actually but they do not know the right use of space. Interior design helps to ensure proper use of space. Interior design gives you the opportunity to visualize your interior. It means you will get an interior which meets your requirements of what you imagine. After the function of space, the designer will mesh both of the requirements (space and visualization) to fulfill client’s desire. The whole process will go through how the client describes it from his vision. Evangel Interior Specialized in bangladeshi interior design room decorating, home interior design in dhaka, flat interior design in bangladesh, interior design company list in bangladesh, home interior design in bangladesh, interior design ideas in Bangladesh, bangladesh living room design.